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Yohay provides regional strategic and tactical sales, marketing, and customer management services to meet the dynamic needs of the “Channel” for our vendor partners!

Advantages of a Rep Firm?




Hiring an employee is EXPENSIVE!  Base salary, benefits, training, travel, and turnover is inevitable. With a manufacturer's sales rep, you do not have to worry about any of that.



As Manufacturer's Sales Reps, we work on a performance based compensation model.  We work on a commission basis, with no upfront, or fixed costs.  There are no travel expenses, no base salary, and no employee benefits to worry about.    



The second the contract is signed, we get to selling.  With over 39 years under our belts, we already have established relationships. We never need to get an intro to the buyer, or cold call.  In fact, we are already selling these buyers' other products, and leverage those relationships to enable your product to get on the shelves.  With periodic meetings with all of our customers, the meeting that could launch your product line into success may ALREADY be on our schedule.


We are based in our customer’s backyard.  We do not have to hop on a plane or travel multiple days to have a sales call.  There is no barrier to making a sales call, and we do them very frequently.

Why utilize YOHAY for Account Management & Development? ​

  • Predictable Cost of Sales - The Manufacture and YOHAY agree in advance on a set commission rate and the YOHAY pays all selling expenses.

  • ·Lower Sales Cost per Dollar revenue - An YOHAY average cost to the factory is between 3% and 6% of your sales, which is dramatically less than the cost of hiring outside salespeople. We pay all our own expenses, including travel, hotels, payroll taxes, 401K plans, and pay for and maintain multiple offices across the country.

  • Continuity - The YOHAY is a permanent fixture in the Market/Accounts we serve thus holding deep and long-standing relationships with customers.

  • Consulting Services - YOHAY has 40 years of being an Independent Manufacturer Representative. Over those years, YOHAY has represented over 300 different companies. The knowledge that we have accumulated because of these relationships makes us uniquely qualified to assist manufacturers in developing a growth strategy and the tactics needed to ensure success.  

  • Highly Experienced, more Aggressive Sales Force - The YOHAY salespeople are highly trained and skilled and incentivized to succeed on behalf of the manufacturer.

  • Face to Face Contact - In order to be successful in today's highly competitive market, you have to have face-to-face contact with the customer on a regular basis. If you do not, then you will only win business by having the lowest price. YOHAY has 4 Sales Reps in the field, who are "face to face" with your customers on your behalf on a daily basis. 

  • Sales Forecasting Force - Because of the multi-line responsibility, YOHAY has within each account, we are intimate with the customer's overall strategic sales plans, and have access to better information/reporting which allows us to provide more accurate forecasting.

  • Low Cost of New Customer Acquisition - YOHAY can increase your volume by selling outside your present customer base. There is no cost associated to the Manufacturer when YOHAY prospects and pursues new opportunities on behalf of the Manufacturer.

  • Creates a System Approach to Selling - Most Customers today will agree to see and buy from only those salespeople that they are familiar with, and with whom they are confident will take problems off their desks and bring opportunities to their attention. The multi-line and complementary package of products represented by YOHAY presents on behalf of the Manufacturers that they represent. 

  • Multi-faceted, Multi-skilled Sales Team -YOHAY's sales team also has multi-industry experience, som holding professional certifications in a variety of industries. 

  • Support - YOHAY has inside personal that supports the YOHAY field sales team. This includes fielding calls from the account, coordinating sales events, following up on open issues, and managing sample requests. 

  • Multi-level Relationships - YOHAY enjoys relationships at the account with all levels, i.e, Product Management, Sales Teams, Procurement, Finance, Marketing, and Executive Management.

  • Market Intelligence - Since YOHAY represents a mix of Manufacturers, and is working with a very diverse product portfolio and customer base, they are on top of the latest market trends. 

  • Vested Partner in Manufacturer's Success - Since YOHAY only gets paid on what we sell, we have a vested interest in making our Manufacturers as successful as possible. We are not looking to get promoted or transferred, just to optimize revenue and to dominate your market share. 


The leading manufacturer's representative firm in the North East Area. We are experienced professionals, providing local, face-to-face sales and marketing of consumer electronics, computer technology, software, and peripherals. We're known for providing successful results and innovative programs for major retailers, value-added resellers, and distributors for over 40 years.




Retail is a very tough market in today's world.  With our 40 years of managing it, we have learned how to maximize it's potential. Every retailer needs to be managed according to their company's culture.













Broadening your product's reach can be very attractive to a brand, but there are many ways it can hurt your business.  Managing a Distributor can require a lot of attention, and our constant analysis of their sales flow is crucial to your success!



We Represent

Each Vendor that we work with gets the benefit of being a part of the Yohay Associates portfolio.  

We are constantly introducing new products from other vendors to our Account base.  This allows for constant facetime to follow-up on any open issues with your product line

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